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Advisory Boards

Trustee Board

Trustee Board Co-Chair

J. David Heller

Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund
Rhonda Smith

Trustee Board Co-Chair

Rhonda Smith

Board Member and Secretary
Houston Municipal Employees Pension System

Trustee Board Members

Ohio Police and Fire Pension Fund
J. David Heller (Co-Chair), Trustee

Houston Municipal Employees Pension System
Rhonda Smith (Co-Chair), Board Member and Secretary

Alaska Permanent Retirement Fund Corporation
Gabrielle Rubenstein, Vice Chair, Board of Directors

Alberta Investment Management Corporation (AIMCo)
Kenneth Kroner, Board Member and Chair, Board Investment Committee

Cambridge University Endowment Fund
Sarah Fromson, Member, Investment Advisory Board

Dallas Police and Fire Pension System
Tom Tull, Member, Board of Trustees

Tina Hernandez, Vice Chairman of Board of Trustees

Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (ELCA)
Eric Golberg, Trustee

Margaret A. Cargill Foundation
Vineer Bhansali, Investment Committee Member

New York State Common Retirement Fund
JoAnn Hanson, Member, Real Estate Advisory Committee

New York State Teachers’ Retirement System
Nick Smirensky, Trustee

San Francisco Employees’ Retirement System
Joseph Driscoll, Commissioner

San Mateo County Employees’ Retirement Association
Elaine Orr, Member, Board of Trustees

South Carolina Retirement System Investment Commission
Curtis M. Loftis, Jr., Commissioner and State Treasurer

University of Pennsylvania
Perry Golkin, Trustee

Wyoming Retirement System
Tom Chapman, Board Member and Chair, Investment Committee

YMCA Retirement
Mark Baumgartner, Trustee and Chair of the Investment Committee