AIF Institute

AIF Institute Centers of Excellence

The AIF Institute provides institutional investors with customized educational programs and promotes their collaboration through its Centers of Excellence.

The AIF Institute and Centers of Excellence create customized educational programs and presentations, in collaboration with AIF Institute Faculty Members comprised of industry leaders—global investors and leading investment firms—and complemented by the AIF Academic Board.  The AIF Institute’s ability to customize the programming to the ever-changing needs of the investor community provides a unique interaction among investors, AIF Institute faculty, and all AIF stakeholders. 

The AIF Institute identified the need for the Centers of Excellence as a resource for institutional investors’ investment programs and portfolios facing unique and evolving challenges in the markets and macro environment. The AIF Institute is launching four key Centers of Excellence throughout 2021, including:

Center for ESG and Sustainable Investing

Leading, actionable research in key focus areas, including climate, governance, and diversity through the lens of risk management and investment opportunity

Center for Insurance Investing

Focuses on current investment research, tackling challenging topics such as ESG and providing a high-quality resource for investment education

Center for Private Capital Investing

Focuses on leading research and education in alternative investment strategies, structures, and business models for current markets and portfolio optimization

Center for Financial Innovation

At the intersection of technology and innovation in asset management with education and research in digital assets and new technology, as it is relevant for institutional investors

Among the World’s Most-Respected Thought Leaders in Finance Academia

AIF is proud to be affiliated with the world’s leading finance academics.  AIF’s Academic Board is chaired by Harvard Business School Professor of Investment Banking Josh Lerner

The AIF Institute will provide a forum for these academics to foster the work of each Center by showcasing both their research and research from leading investment firms and investors.

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