AIF is an independent economic think tank focusing on institutional investment policy


The AIF calendar includes the following themed or regional forums. Please note that participation in AIF forums is by invitation only. If you are interested in participating, please contact us for more information.

2024 Schedule

2024 AIF Annual Investors' Meeting

New York City

January 9–10

2024 AIF Institute Financial Innovation Symposium

New York City

January 9

2024 AIF APAC Annual Investors' Meeting


March 5–6

2024 AIF Southwest Investors' Forum


April 23–24

2024 AIF Institute Insurance Investors' Forum and Symposium

New York City

June 5

2024 AIF Institute Canadian Private Capital Investing Symposium


June 11

2024 AIF West Coast Investors' Forum

Santa Monica

July 16–17

2024 AIF Women Investors' Forum

New York City

September 26

2024 AIF Institute Private Capital Symposium

New York City


2024 AIF European Investors' Forum


November 19

2024 AIF Institute Sustainable Investing Symposium

New York City

December 10

2023 National Institute of Public Finance (NIPF), In Coordination with the AIF Institute

Malibu (Pepperdine University)

July 16–19