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Women Investors’ Leadership Steering Committee Collaboration Project

A Focus on Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Trustee Education, and Cultivating a Diverse Sourcing Network

The collaboration project is led by co-chairs Emily Cox and Lynn O'Connell, and supported by AIF's Melissa Waller, Susan Boyle, and Barbara Lambroza

2022–2023 Collaboration Project

Goals and Objectives

The inaugural 2022–2023 collaboration project was announced at the 2022 AIF Women Investors’ Forum with an official rollout at the 2023 AIF Annual Investors’ Meeting in New York City.  Goals and objectives for the year include:

Diversity panel discussion at the AIF Women Investors' Forum

Aligned Organization: Institutional Allocators for Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (IADEI)

Promoting DEI within institutional investing, IADEI's mission is differentiated by its collaborative and allocator-focused approach


Mission and Focus

IADEI is a consortium of institutional investors that seeks to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) within institutional investment teams and portfolios and across the investment management industry.

Differentiated by its collaborative and allocator-focused approach, one of IADEI’s primary missions is to direct significantly more capital to diverse-owned investment firms as well as to funds with diverse leadership.

Empowering Institutional Allocators to Underwrite More Equitably


IADEI's strategy involves:

"We are collaborative and inclusive: our resources are open source and our agendas for manager pitch sessions and content sessions are open source."

IADEI welcomes allocators from all types of institutions, including nonprofit endowments, foundations, and healthcare systems, pensions, family offices, and for-profit OCIOs and investment advisory firms.

Organizational Alignment for Success

Collaboration with AIF

IADEI is a featured collaborator, AIF Aligned Organization, and participant with AIF Global and the AIF Institute.  IADEI’s involvement in AIF ranges from various forums and symposia, including the 2023 AIF Annual Meeting and Women Investors’ Forum, to the ongoing AIF Women Investors Leadership Steering Committee Collaboration Project.

"AIF is proud to collaborate with IADEI to collect and leverage industry data, highlight key diversity initiatives that align with AIF's mission, and to support the 2022–2023 Women Investors Leadership Steering Committee Collaboration Project."
- Melissa Waller, President, AIF and the AIF Institute