The 2018 calendar includes the following themed or regional forums. Please note that participation in AIF forums is by invitation only.  If you are interested in participating, please contact us for more information.

AIF Annual Investors’ Meeting
New York, NY
January 8-9, 2018
AIF Southwest Investors’ Forum
Austin, Texas
March 26-27, 2018
AIF Australian Investors’ Forum
Melbourne, Australia
May 8-9, 2018
AIF Insurance Investors’ Forum
New York, NY
June 12, 2018
AIF West Coast Investors’ Forum
Los Angeles, CA
July 17-18, 2018
AIF European Investors’ Forum
London, England
September 26–27, 2018
AIF Women Investors’ Forum
New York City
October 15, 2018

Next Event

2018 AIF West Coast Investors’ Forum
July 17–18 · Los Angeles
Including a comprehensive agenda of core investment sessions in roundtable format