AIF is an independent economic think tank focusing on institutional investment policy. Its mission is to foster the exchange of best ideas, practices and information among institutional asset owners globally to help them achieve their investment objectives.
Bringing together the world's most respected public finance leaders for an intense financial curriculum​

Join us for the 2023 National Institute of Public Finance

In Collaboration with the AIF Institute

July 16–19 | Graziadio Business School | Malibu, CA​
Keynote Fireside Chat
76th United States Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew

2023 AIF Insurance Investors' Forum

Including the 2023 AIF Institute Insurance Investing Symposium

June 6–7 | New York City

This two-day program is geared toward institutional investment professionals deploying the capital of insurance companies globally.  Engage with peer insurance company investors and subject matter experts and discuss cutting-edge investment and regulatory issues.

The AIF Institute Center for Insurance Investing Symposium on June 6 will be dedicated to addressing topics focused on the work by the Center.  On June 7AIF Global will host the 2023 AIF Insurance Investors’ Forum, which will be dedicated to asset class investment sessions held in a roundtable discussion format among subject matter expert investors, consultants, and managers in private equity, private credit, real estate, and infrastructure investing.  There will also be breakout group discussions on insurance investing trends as reflected in two leading industry surveys/reports.

AIF Institute Announces the Addition of Former Oklahoma Deputy State Treasurer Andrew Messer as its Executive Director​

Messer instrumental in supporting the creation of the National Institute of Public Finance​

AIF Institute President Melissa Waller said, “We are thrilled and honored to have Andrew Messer join AIF senior leadership as the Executive Director of the AIF Institute.

Andrew has the perfect background and skill set to help institutional asset owners employ academic research and industry thought leadership to make best use of alternative investments such as private equity, private credit, real estate, infrastructure, and other diversifiers in their portfolios.”

AIF Institute Announces the Launch of its Center for Private Capital Investing ​

AIF launches its fourth Center of Excellence at its 2023 Annual Investors' Meeting​

AIF Founder and CEO Brant Maller described the new Center, “Of the AIF Institute’s four Centers of Excellence, the one that aligns most perfectly with AIF’s focus on the best use of alternative investments in institutional portfolios is the Center for Private Capital Investing.

The Center will enable the AIF Institute to drill deeper in its study of alternative investments and to serve as a continuous, real-time resource to the world’s largest institutional asset owners.”

The AIF Institute Center for Financial Innovation (CFI) Hosts Inaugural Symposium

Keynote Interview: Technology Over the Last Two Decades

Featuring:  Oliver Albers, Executive Vice President, Head of Investment Intelligence, Nasdaq; Interviewed by: Melissa Waller, President, AIF Institute

The CFI is devoted to the study of new and evolving investment tools, ideas and structures. It has three core areas of study: (i) decentralized finance, including digital assets and other blockchain-based technologies;  (ii) data analytics and the use of big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence to improve investment performance and processes; and (iii) other financially innovative ideas and structures arising out of finance academia, institutional investing and asset management.

Inaugural AIF Asian Investors' Forum features Keynote fireside chat between 76th U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Jack Lew and Korea Investment Corporation (KIC) CEO Heenam Choi

The three-day agenda was also highlighted by a keynote fireside chat between 76th U.S. Secretary of the Treasury and Managing Partner of Lindsay Goldberg Jack Lew and Korea Investment Corporation (KIC) CEO and Former Executive Director of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Heenam Choi. 

The two thought leaders expressed cautious optimism for the global markets and provided keen insights on fundamental economic recovery, reflecting on the interconnectivity between the U.S. and Asian economies.