Women Investors’ Initiatives

Featuring the Most Prominent Women of Institutional Investing

AIF features many of the most prominent women in the world of institutional investing in its forums, educational programs and activities. AIF holds a Women Investors’ Session at each of its forums and a dedicated Women Investors’ Forum in New York City every Fall.

AIF Global recently held its 2017 Women Investors’ Forum in New York City. The at-capacity forum explored various investment avenues and the need to promote diversity in the financial services industry. The comprehensive agenda included portfolio construction and specific asset-class sessions, a women-only panel discussion on women’s initiatives across the industry, and a co-ed luncheon executive panel and discussion, led by Rhode Island Treasurer Seth Magaziner.

Woman investor checking tablet device, upward chart results

“Consistent with AIF’s mission, a primary component of our approach globally is to conduct women investors’ forums and integrate women investors’ sessions into the larger investment curriculum.

By bringing together the world’s most influential thought leaders and providing the sustainable framework of resources, education, and networking to women, we strive to create beneficial opportunities and enable overall, lasting success across the alternatives ecosystem”.

AIF Women Investors’ Forum, Initiatives Highlighted in Upcoming Industry Research Report

KPMG, who published its fifth annual research report on women’s advancement in alternative investments in 2016, participated in the AIF Women Investors’ Forum in preparation for its upcoming research report, to be published in first quarter 2018. In collaboration with AIF, KPMG gathered insights from female executives in the industry to shine a light on key initiatives making a difference and to examine the best practices driving progress. Melissa Waller, president of the AIF Institute, is one of the primary contributors of the white paper, focusing on data, reinventing the culture, and removing obstacles to attract, retain, and advance women in the alternative investment industry. Once available, the research report will be distributed to AIF advisory board members and member firms.

“The data for increased decision-making roles for women within alternatives continue to reveal the substantial value created across the spectrum. It is imperative that we engage in thoughtful discussions and connect both women and men to these critical data to foster the success of both women in leadership and the industry as a whole,”

– Melissa Waller, President of the AIF Institute